Summer Golf Camp


Girls and boys ages 7 -14 participated in a golf camp in summer 2019, the 2020 season was cancelled due to the pandemic. Prior to golf lessons participants enjoyed a healthy meal prepared by the MSU Health & Nutrition Institute. Lessons and equipment were provided under the direction of a LPGA/PGA teaching professional. Following lessons participants met with WSU health care professionals to share information about their careers. We are truly grateful for this opportunity to partner with Girls Golf of Detroit West, Michigan Women's Golf Association, Michigan State University Extension, Friends of Rouge Park, and Wayne State University.


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There is a CEO in You

There is a CEO In You was a hands-on, activity-based program that guided students through the decision-making and planning process of starting a business. Using their creative abilities to brainstorm possible ideas for a business venture, students were encouraged to focus on their strengths and abilities to come up with possible endeavors that will be both successful and enjoyable. This was a free program for youth ages 14-24. 

In this course they:
Encouraged Leadership and Entrepreneurship skills
Promoted Business Ideas, Career Development and Biz Internship
Developed Money Consciousness and taught “proper” Money Management

Class was designed by a certified Entrepreneurship Instructor. Please contact REVIVE Detroit CDC at if you would like to support this program in the future and feel free to donate by clicking the Donate button. 



Your Vote Your Voice

 In order to effect change in our community we must exercise our right to vote. REVIVE, is a proponent of voter registration and education. We are active citizens and we want to do everything we can to promote and empower our communities. We hold candidate forums and voter education events throughout the year. Click the "Your Voice Matters" button to contact us and get involved. 

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